Sit down. Get comfortable. Pour yourself a cup of tea; grab some snacks. It's been a long day. Here at the ZODIAC - CAFE, we provide an experimental kitchen for finding ways to situate yourself in the chaotic swamp of the world. Chances are, if you're here, you already know what you're looking for. (For those who have stumbled in, no worries; please take your time browsing.) The symbology of the Eastern Zodiac animals provides one of many possible blueprints for understanding cultural hierarchy, colonialism, the limits of diaspora solidarity, nationalism, ~*aZn PrIdE*~, e-commerce aesthetics, anime crushes, and the food your mom makes. "Asia" and "Asian America" as terms of identification have started to fissure, revealing the falseness of the unity they promised. Living is empty when you feel like you can't belong to something larger than yourself, or when that something you thought you had turns out to be hollow. But still, there seems to be something there--certain commonalities of taste, attitude, anxiety. With ZODIAC - CAFE, we're exploring the mutating contours of Asian, American, Sino, female identities, without making claims or drawing borders. What works for you won't work for everyone, but it might work for someone. There are limits to what we and all identity exporters are able to convey in any given medium, but if you see tendrils of yourself in our humble digital cove, please say hello; perhaps you might even stay a while.

- Diane Z/周葭葭 & Lilian M/闵一笛